NOTE: 5th March 2014

This Bridge is currently DOWN, and no messages will get passed from IFTTT to your little printer.

This is due to the way GoogleApp has changed the handling of email, I am currently moving to a new email server to resolve this.

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Welcome to the very temporary Little Printer Email Bridge thingy.

Want to have a quick (beta) play with sending content directly to your Little Printer via email, or setting up alerts that get sent via IFTTT? Well here you go, something to practice with until something more offical is launched.


This "bridge" is using a very temporary, very beta, developers API method kindly provided by BERG for testing, there's no guarantee of either up-time, reliability or longevity. At some point it'll be replaced by something more official and this service will no-longer be needed (or I'll use the more offical API methods).

In other words, don't plan on building anything permanent with this, but feel free to use it for testing out ideas of what will be officially possible soon.

The same goes for the IFTTT intergration, hopefully IFTTT will get its own native Little Printer support, which would be awesome.

You can also see some Little Printer experimental API code written by James Darling using the same developers's API method that I've used here over on github: Little Receipt Printer if you want to have a go yourself.

Before you can do anything you need to get your direct email address to send stuff to your little printer, this is pretty simple, first of all go find your Direct Print API code here:

It will look something like this...

That code is your email address @ like this...

IFTTT is a great service that acts like glue sticking various bits of the internet together. You can do all sorts of useful stuff such as getting it to tweet messages at set times, automatically send your instagram photos to facebook, or take an action when you bookmark a page.

One of those actions is emailing you whenever a "trigger" fires. Such as sending you an email if there's going to be snow, link things up to a WeMo motion sensor or even emailing you your weight.

Note: At some point there should be an official Little Printer channel at IFTTT, at which point this all gets a lot easier and I'll stop this part of the service (assuming it doesn't break first anyway)

There's a small amount of setting up needed, but it's pretty simple, first...

STEP 1, get your direct email address as described above.

STEP 2, now you need to set up an "Email Channel" on IFTTT. There's a good chance you haven't already done this in which case carry on with the instructions below. Otherwise, if you already use IFTTT with your own email address registered then you'll need to set up a new IFTTT account, as you can't have two Email Channels registered.

In IFTTT click on the "Channels" link and then find the Email Channel, it will ask you for your email, enter your special Little Printer email address here, like this...

Then click the "Send PIN" button, after a minute or so your Little Printer should receive a 4 digit PIN number, rather like this...

Enter that pin and you should be all set up

STEP 3, testing your setup...

There are a number of ways to test that everything's working, but you'll probably want to find something easy to trigger. I used the Date & Time trigger, set for the next nearest time, rather like this...

STEP 4, and now you can create any rule you want, I've done a search on Etsy for a specific keywork, there's quite a few "Email me when a new free Kindle eBook is added", a good number of "Email me a weather report at sunrise" type actions and some fun WeMo Motion/Switch stuff going on.

Here's an example Amazon Kindle rule, again note the use of the class="dither" on the <img> tag in the message, you can throw a limited amount of HTML into the brew there...

In fact there should be pretty much enough glue in IFTTT to happily keep your Little Printer fed with content for a while, just try to avoid stuff that will send you far too much stuff.

Once again, this is all very beta, and probably very temporary, I'll update the site as and when more offical APIs and IFTTT intergeneration get released.

But in the mean time feel free to send feedback, "this isn't working", ideas/hacks or anything neat, useful or fun you've built with IFTTT or in general to me @revdancatt on twitter. You can also find me over here:

Good luck